Managing your risk

If you’re a woman with an increased risk of breast cancer, options to manage your risk may include:
  • Having risk-reducing surgery
  • Taking risk-reducing drugs
  • Having earlier or more frequent breast screening
  • Being breast aware
  • Making particular lifestyle choices

The options available to you depend in part on your risk level, age, medical history and own preferences. Your specialist can talk you through these.

Deciding which steps to take is a personal decision and some women find it a difficult one. Your specialist is there to help.

There are steps men with an increased risk of breast cancer can take too, such as knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer to look out for and leading a healthier lifestyle. Risk-reducing surgery, risk-reducing drugs and breast screening are not available to men.

Hear Genetic Counsellor, Andrew Cuthbert explain what options are available for managing risk and the risks and benefits for each option.

Care you can expect

If you’re a woman at moderate or high risk of breast cancer, you should be able to access care at a family history or genetics clinic to help you manage your risk. Depending on your level of risk, this care may include the option to:

  • have breast screening
  • take risk-reducing drugs
  • have risk-reducing surgery
  • take part in relevant clinical trials or research studies
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